Sightseeing at the heart of Alsace

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Sightseeing in Strasbourg Alsace

Lying at the heart of Rhenish Europe, the city of Strasbourg and its surroundings offer unparalleled geographical and historical wealth. With its strong local identity, Alsace is a region where many French and Germanic influences intermingle.

The heart of the city: The Cathedral and the Museum of the Oeuvre Notre Dame

Strasbourg Cathedral celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 2015, and stands proudly at the centre of the city; this gem of gothic architecture can be better understood with a tour of the nearby museum. Discover the secrets of the building of the edifice by visiting the museum of the foundation that is closely linked with the Cathedral, which became one of the major places of worship of the Holy Roman Empire when it was completed in 1439. The Cathedral was at times Catholic, at times Protestant, as the tide turned in the history of the Reformation. You will learn everything about its history and construction.

La Petite France and the boatmen’s district

These two picturesque and fashionable areas of Strasbourg incarnate life in the past and as it is now: with colourful buildings, streets named after trade guilds, barges converted into cafés, half-timbered houses... they represent the good life in the traditional city. The Historical Museum of the Ancienne Douane, the Rohan Palace and the Alsatian Museum are some of the places to see on the way, to know more about Strasbourg and the surrounding region.

The Neustadt, the BNU and Tomi Ungerer museum

At the centre of the Neustadt, which is an exceptional and unique architectural heritage, lies the Place de la République or Kaiserplatz, named after the German emperor in the wake of the 1870 war. The Palais du Rhin, the national theatre, the prefecture, the library and the university are some of the remarkable buildings here. Before entering this area, which will soon be a listed UNESCO world heritage site, take time to see the BNU library. The building has been fully renovated and boasts a collection of remarkable works, and also one of the very first Egyptology collections in Europe.

A short distance away, the Tomi Ungerer museum houses the international centre for illustration and pays homage to a world renowned artist and the rich tradition of illustration related to the history of the city. A fun place where there is something for every age.

The European institutions

Marvel at the wealth of the exchange between France, Germany and Europe as you contemplate contemporary architecture! The European institutions - Council of Europe, Parliament, Court of Human Rights and Pharmacopoeia - can all be discovered from the tourist boat.

Museums within and outside the city

Depending on your tastes or the reason for your stay, you can prepare a personalised tour of the many varied museums in the region:


  • History: Historical Museum, Rohan Palace, Archaeological Museum, Museum of the Oeuvre Notre-Dame, Alsace-Lorraine memorial and museum of Struthof/site of the former camp of Natzweiler
  • Art: Fine Arts Museum, Decorative Arts Museum, Prints and Drawings Museum, façade of the school for decorative arts (HEAR), Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Würth Museum (Erstein)
  • Crafts: Alsatian Museum, Lalique Museum, Luggage Museum (Haguenau), Museum of the Pays de Hanau (Bouxwiller), Wood Trades Museum (Labaroche), Fabric Printing Museum, Wallpaper Museum
  • Engineering: Bugatti Museum, Schlumpf Museum, Railway Museum, Electricity Museum
  • Botany: Zoological Museum, tropical greenhouse of the Botanic Garden
  • Culture: Aubette 1928, Voodoo Museum, Video Games Museum, Oberlin Museum in Waldersbach


Come to discover our beautiful region Alsatian !


Photo credit : © Jonathan Martz / Wikimedia Commons


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