Kehl & Strasbourg. A Great Love Story.

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Kehl Strasbourg passerelle mimram

A Gradual Reconstruction

After wars, divisions, annexations and reconciliation, Strasbourg and Kehl have now become a symbol of the Franco-German relationship. Kehl has also changed nationality in the past, becoming French between 1944 and 1953. The physical borders have now completely disappeared from our landscape, replaced by the marvellous Mimram footbridge (see photo) and the famous Pont de l’Europe.

The cultural proximity and the ease of exchange enable the residents of both communities to benefit from neighbouring resources in terms of jobs, education and culture.

Franco-German relations were considerably softened by the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), which then became the European Union in 1993 with the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty. Thanks to constructive collaboration, the two countries have been able to develop new economic opportunities and maintain their mutual trust.

Opening of the Strasbourg-Kehl Tram

A new Strasbourg tramline will open on 29 April 2017. This 2.7 km extension of Line D will reach the train station in Kehl. This ease of access represents a major change for more than 30,000 people who cross the border every day.

The two communities have organised an event to mark the occasion: TramFest. The tram will be free and will run throughout the night. Festivities will include activities for all ages: giant chess, an alternative fair, fire and light shows above the Rhine, as well as artistic installations, café-conservatoires and electronic music concerts.
The European Union Interreg programme made a contribution of four million euros to support the works.

A Germanic Adventure

Kehl is a small German town full of charm, only 7 kilometres from the city of Strasbourg.
Take advantage of a sunny day to stroll along the Rhine, where you will see sculptures and traditional houses. The panoramic tower, Weißtannenturm, is the ideal place from which to admire the mountain ranges of Alsace and Baden-Württemberg: the Vosges and the Black Forest.

Right in the heart of Kehl, the Marktplatz, the town’s central square, contains several shops and restaurants where you can sample the local specialities. Two weekly markets are held on Tuesdays and Fridays in front of the Church of Peace (Friedenskirche).

The Jardin des Deux Rives, or Garten der zwei Ufer, is a landscaped space for relaxation on both sides of the Rhine. Here you will find plenty of facilities, such as children’s playgrounds, the Kehl swimming pool and a skate park, where you can spend time with family or friends.


Strasbourg & Kehl ; 2 destinations for the price of one !



Photo credit : © JMRW67 / Wikimedia Commons


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