Strasbourg, The European City

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European Parliament Strasbourg

A Symbol of Reconciliation between European Populations

Strasbourg’s ideal location and accessibility helped it to become the European capital in 1949. In a post-war context, there was a collective desire to reestablish peace and make sure it lasted. By housing numerous European institutions, Strasbourg plays a central role in both the interests of Europe as well as the European Union.

Strasbourg, Located at the Heart of Europe

Founded by the Treaty of London in 1949, the Council of Europe was the first European institution to be established in Strasbourg. Today, the Council of Europe has 47 member States including 28 EU members. Its goal is to protect and defend human rights according to the European Convention on Human Rights signed by all its members.

A symbol of French-German reconciliation, Strasbourg was chosen as the headquarters for the European Parliament in 1958. The European Parliament is a legislative institution of the EU composed of 751 European deputies. Elected through direct universal suffrage in its 28 member countries, they gather at the Parliament during plenary sessions in order to adopt legislation for the European Community. The European Parliament is located in the European Quarter of Strasbourg in the Louise Weiss building. (see photo below)

The European Court of Human Rights was established in 1959 by the Council of Europe and has been located in Strasbourg since 1998. The purpose of this court is to make sure that the commitments adopted by the signatory States of the European Convention on Human Rights are respected.

parlement europeen strasbourg

Photo of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg

Cultural and Scientific Influence on an International Scale

The European Youth Center is a place dedicated to young people and youth organizations. It offers young people the opportunity to interact, study and work.

The European Pharmacopoeia has existed since 1964 and reports to the Council of Europe. It elaborates the mandatory quality standards for the creation and commercialization of medication in the signatory countries of the “Convention on the Elaboration of a European Pharmacopoeia.” It monitors the application of its norms and also supervises a network of official laboratories.

Eurimages is the Council of Europe Fund for European Cinema. This organization provides support to the production and distribution of films in order to promote European culture. Since 1989, Eurimages has supported more than 1,800 feature-length films, including some that have been honored with Academy Awards. This investment comes from the contributions of 37 member States and has raised a total of 545 million euros since its creation.

The Lieu d’Europe, an institution open to the public, familiarizes European citizens with the idea of Europe itself as well as reinforces a sense of belonging to an actual community of values through exhibits, debates, encounters, film screenings and other cultural events.

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