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(What is an Ecolabel?)

Commitment is a crucial part of Ciarus’ DNA because the protection of the planet is something that concerns us all, but also because we feel responsible for the quality of your stay and want to offer you a sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible form of tourism:

Since its foundation, Ciarus has worked in a context of community and solidarity-based tourism, in particular providing facilities for young people and individuals with disabilities.
It is therefore that we have adopted a sustainable development approach in recent years. As a result of this, we decided 2016 to take the necessary steps to obtain the ecolabel quality certification awarded by AFNOR to give the various initiatives undertaken by us a specific form.

We have received excellent support in this process from the éthic étapes network, an association of establishments that are committed to sustainable development. Environmental management, easy access for individuals with disabilities, regional involvement, but also raising the awareness of staff and guests concerning the importance of environmental protection are some of the values shared by members of the association who commit to:


  • Introducing environmental protection measures and more respectful management methods.

  • Promoting meetings, social interactions, and the availability of holidays for everyone.

  • Contributing to life in the community/region.

  • Being part of a socially responsible economy.

  • Pooling their experiences and sharing them with their partners.

  • Exerting influence on suppliers.

  • Developing appropriate partnerships to optimise measures.


Ciarus signed the éthic étapes charter in 1986. It means that concepts like the quality of our accommodation and catering services, the way we welcome people to our house and respect their differences but also a general openness to the world are very much part of our DNA!

Since our guests consist mainly of young Europeans, it seems vital to us to adopt an environmentally friendly approach: protecting the planet is a challenge in which all of us must participate, so we can leave the world to future generations in a better state than it is today.
Reminding our guests that practices for protecting the environment also apply when they are abroad is part of our awareness-raising and educational role within the framework of our community-based project.

For this reason, we have undertaken an extensive range of initiatives at all levels since 2016.


Accommodation service


For the reception staff, the Ecolabel project involves helping guests become familiar with the operation of the waste/recycling bins, informing on our use of organic products in the restaurant, and encouraging the use of environmentally friendly transport when visiting Strasbourg, for example, by distributing leaflets with bus and tram schedules, the presentation of Vélhop and electric car rental systems, or other initiatives set up by the City, like the promotion of car sharing, etc.

Our team is fully mobilised, since this represents a strong commitment to responsible tourism, and is appreciated by a clientele increasingly concerned by these issues.


Sales and administration



  •  Smaller print runs, printing double-sided as well as in black and white.

  • Turning off office lights.

  • Sorting of paper/cardboard waste et cetera.


Habits that have become second nature.

In all our departments, computer equipment is energy saving, and the air-conditioning for all the administration offices is Class A.

We always make a point of presenting the actions that Ciarus is currently implementing in the context of the Ecolabel certification to our clientele, particular to the conference market, which is increasingly aware of environmental commitments.
Similarly, we always highlight the quality of our restaurant service, with its seasonal, local products, organic selection, and pastries made on our premises.

In our offers, we also promote the environmentally friendly modes of transport that are widely available in Strasbourg (walking, bus, tram, bike, electric car rental, car sharing et cetera.).


Restaurant service


Of all Ciarus’ departments, it is the restaurant service that is the most affected by the Ecolabel certification. Since 2016, this has been reflected by the following:


  • Sensible selection of ingredients from sustainable sources.

  • Responsible management of water and electricity consumption.

  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning as well as maintenance products, whose containers are returned to the factory to be cleaned and reused.

  • Replacement of all plastic water bottles with reusable glass bottles.


In compliance with our charter, we launched an active waste management policy in 2018:


  • Replacement of all plastic and aluminium bottles with reusable or disposable glass bottles.

  • Replacement of products packed in plastic (mustard, ketchup, et cetera) and sugar sachets with ceramic containers and shakers.


Nearly all fresh products are delivered in reusable plastic crates.

We have also started composting! As a result of this, we installed containers for all food waste that is collected three times a week.

Plus, we have launched a campaign to encourage guests to reduce food waste.

Our selection of organic products continues to expand.

We began offering organic products in 2013, starting with muesli, followed by yoghurt and apple juice. In 2014, we made our entire tea and infusion range organic, and our coffee is fair trade. In 2018, we added organic craft beer as well as fruit and vegetable juices to the list (served at the bar, during conference coffee breaks and receptions).
We are especially proud of our regular deliveries of fresh organic vegetables during spring. This seasonal produce is used mainly for salads and soups. Unique labelling created for these products is popular with our customers. We also offer organic fruit whenever this is possible and logical, but we do not buy organic products from the other side of the world (bananas, for example).


Room service


All of the room-service staff is adopting innovative sustainable practices daily:


  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products, all delivered in concentrated form for dilution – the supplier collects the empty containers and reuses them.

  • Use of odour removers and room fresheners that are as sustainable as possible.

  • Increased awareness of water-saving measures by using water-flow reducers to prevent wastage.

  • Composting of flowers bouquets.

  • Regular cleaning of clothes-dryer filters and ventilation grilles to avoid airborne dust particles from the laundry.

  • Setting up of a waste sorting system in rooms in conjunction with a customer awareness campaign.

  • Implementation of sustainable development labels.


Maintenance service


The maintenance department has realised the following to apply the Ecolabel standards to the entire building:


  • Replacement of conventional light bulbs with class A low-energy bulbs.

  • Replacement of the lighting system in small meeting rooms with LED panels.

  • Installation of water pressure reducers in the showers of all the bathrooms.

  • Organisation of a battery collection system for the entire building.

  • Periodic recycling/disposal of end-of-life equipment at the dedicated recycling or waste treatment centre (computer and cooking equipment, paint pots, etc.).

  • Installation of motion detectors with timers in all appropriate areas to control the lighting and avoid wasting electricity.

  • Introduction of weekly measurements of temperatures, water, electricity and gas consumption.

  • Commitment to electricity from renewable energy sources.


Human resources


We have also taken steps to ensure that sustainable development is part of our quality of life and relations with our staff and partners:


  • Ongoing improvement of ergonomics in the workplace.

  • Actions against musculoskeletal disorders.

  • Adherence to working hours.

  • Establishment of responsible relations with our suppliers who must also commit to environmentally friendly practices.

  • Integration of Ciarus into the community and respectful interaction with our neighbours.


None of this would have been possible without all members of our staff being aware of these vital issues. For this reason, all of our teams regularly participate in individual and group training initiatives (among others, training to recognise body language and behaviour, on maintenance products, environmentally friendly habits, waste reduction as well as energy-saving measures).

All of us are ready to take up this challenge because we are already shaping the world of tomorrow.




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