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Mutual trust

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Here at Ciarus, we believe in delivering a responsible service with the needs of young people in mind. It's a value that has always guided everything we do.



25 years' experience in hosting group parties

Enjoy peace of mind at Ciarus! All our staff have undergone basic safety and prevention training. We've produced a special video outlining the code of conduct and safety rules that apply at Ciarus. Our trilingual reception staff are on-hand to meet your every need, 24 hours a day.

Safety at Ciarus

Safety at Ciarus

Enjoy a carefree night's sleep

Here at Ciarus, we take safety and security extremely seriously. That's why we have CCTV and fire detection systems throughout the premises, as well as magnetic swipe card access. The centre is closed between 10 pm and 6:00 am each morning, and a security guard is on-hand throughout the night. ID is required to enter the building after 10 pm each night. We review our quality and safety procedures on an annual basis.

Tourisme et Handicap label


Transparency and efficiency

Ciarus is approved by the French Ministries for Young People and Sports and National Education, and has held the "Tourisme et Handicap" (tourism and disability) label since 2002. This means that the centre is authorised to host groups of children aged 8 and above (school trips), as well as all types of youth group from across Europe.

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