School groups

Travel: a formative experience for young people

Ciarus provides a safe, supportive environment in which young people aged 8 and above can live, learn and relax.

group accommodation in Strasbourg

School Trips at Ciarus in Strasbourg

Conviviality, Simplicity and Security

As a specialist in group accommodation, Ciarus is the ideal venue for your school trips. The bedrooms are designed for young people and can accommodate up to 6.


Ciarus has a large self-service restaurant which can provide catering for your school group: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Situated in the centre of Strasbourg, Ciarus is an ideal base for your excursions and explorations of the city.

Our teams can help you to organise your project. Do you need to design tours and adventures for your class?


We can offer advice and help you to make choices to facilitate your stay in Strasbourg!

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Ciarus: A Place for Encounters

Ideal for School Groups

There is a relaxation and games room where your students can have fun and relax at the end of the day. Ciarus welcomes guests from a diverse range of European countries, a perfect opportunity for your school group to improve their linguistic abilities and discover new cultures.


We can also organise previews and events to enhance your students’ artistic appreciation by enabling them to discover local artists.

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Discover Strasbourg

A Strong Cultural Heritage

Strasbourg is full of interesting sights and cultural spaces which are an ideal way for you to discover the city and its history.  


A tour of the European Parliament to understand the European issues, a walk through Neustadt to appreciate the architectural heritage of the German Occupation such as the Palais de Justice and an obligatory visit to Strasbourg Cathedral which has looked over the city for more than a millennium.

Excursions to some of the museums of Strasbourg: the historical museum which recounts the city’s past from the Middle Ages to the end of the Second World War, the museum of modern and contemporary art or even the museums of fine arts and decorative arts at the Palais Rohan.


Our reception team is on hand to help you plan your itinerary, so that you can make the most of your group excursions.

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Safety in Ciarus


For a Peaceful Break

Your students benefit from quality support in a controlled environment:

•    Safety instructions on arrival,
•    Night watchman,
•    No alcohol or cigarettes,
•    Controlled entry and exit from 22:00,
•    Anti-intrusion keys in bedrooms.

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group accommodation easy access

Easy Access

In the Centre of Strasbourg

Situated in the Neustadt district, Ciarus is easy to access from the motorway (exit: Strasbourg Centre – Avenue des Vosges / Wacken).


There is a drop-off area reserved for coaches in front of Ciarus which allows parking for 15 minutes.
Access Map for Coaches


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7 Rue Finkmatt
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 152 788