Our self-service restaurant in Strasbourg

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Ciarus focuses on seasonal produce, delivered daily and transformed by a team of 18 kitchen

employees, including 2 dedicated pastry chefs.

 Eco responsible cooking

Ethics on the Plate


Ciarus has adopted an environmentally responsible approach, which includes the total elimination of plastic, the display of ingredients in porcelain containers, the use of recycled and recyclable glass, delivery of produce in plastic crates which are reused by suppliers and the reduction of cardboard.


The catering team at Ciarus creates good, balanced and healthy cuisine, based on genuine principles. The chef’s recipe is simple: short supply channels, seasonal produce and homemade food. Our baker is 300 metres from the venue, fruit comes from 20 km away, spices from Ingwiller, and poultry from Ried. The fishmonger delivers supplies depending on the catch, and the pork butcher depending on production. The modernist approach at Ciarus is fully embodied by its catering facilities, which include rapid meal options, table service and a snack service.

Dining room

Comfortable Environment


A fresh contemporary decor provides the backdrop for an elegant distribution of 220 covers, based around different types of seating: chairs, benches, standing tables and tables d'hôtes. This enables visitors to choose the space they need depending on the time they have and the time of day.


The dining rooms, the Salle des 3 Colonnes (reserved for banquets and events), the bar and Espace Simone Veil, not to mention the garden, form a harmonious ensemble, perfect for any occasion and any audience. The food is consistent and expresses Ciarus’ mission in the form of “eating well”.


Breakfast in Ciarus

Breakfast - a True Showcase


Ciarus presents a wide selection for breakfast. We have chosen two bakers in Strasbourg to provide bread and pastries, in conjunction with an extensive buffet, which includes cheese, charcuterie, eggs, fresh fruit, yoghurts and organic muesli. 100% organic tea from Jardins de Gaïa in Sélestat.


The restaurant aims to reach beyond the simple provision of food, relying also on its bar counter to present a comprehensive drinks menu, which has a strong selection of regional beers and wines. A valuable tool in terms of image and service provision for clients who like to enjoy a wonderful dining experience.


Le self - galerie


7 Rue Finkmatt
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 152 788