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The Ciarus DNA

Sociable and cosmopolitan!

For 20 years, Ciarus has held a reputation as the leading accommodation provider in Strasbourg city centre. It's a place where comfort and convenience are the order of the day! Each year, it plays host to individuals and around 700 groups from 70 different countries, delivering services in three languages. The centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offers a safe, secure environment. And if you want to explore Europe, the region and the city, we have more than 1,000 trip and excursion ideas for you to try! C.I.A.R.U.S. stands for: Comfort, Individuality, Atmosphere, Relaxation, Uniqueness and Socialisation!

Tree of the Ciarus

A bit of history

Hospitality: our lifeblood

Ciarus boasts a long tradition of hosting school parties and students. It is a non-profit organisation driven by principled individuals with a commitment to shared values. The story began back in 1834, with the creation of SEMIS (Société Évangélique de Mission Intérieure de Strasbourg) and the purchase of the current building, which opened in 1895. Since 1994, Ciarus has managed the entire building. The same year saw the launch of a programme of major extension works. Ciarus has been a place where people have come together for work, education and pleasure for more than a century. It's a story that continues to this day...

Our commitment

Ciarus, a citizens' association

As a partner of the Éthic Étapes network since 1986, Ciarus is committed to delivering high-quality services across the board (comfort, food and drink, cultural and sports activities, safety and security, compliance with applicable legislation). Ciarus has also made a commitment to employing highly trained reception staff. It is also a member of the Unions Chrétiennes de Jeunes Gens (UCJG, the French branch of the YMCA).


Le Ciarus


7 Rue Finkmatt
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 152 788