Espace Simone Veil

A Centre for Reading

Everything’s moving too fast… Why not slow down? Espace Simone Veil invites you to take a break in a calm and historical space.

Espace Simone Veil in Ciarus

This is a space in which you can linger to read, dream and converse... A space in which to explore the history, culture and values of our society. Espace Simone Veil provides a contrast to a world which is moving too fast. This space was designed to deliver a rare welcome and provide opportunities for both relaxation and stimulation. All the magic happens in a unique environment, shaped by modern furnishings, colours and lighting. The wall fresco acts as the centrepiece of the space.


To enter Espace Simone Veil is to break free from reality and to reconnect with the essential. Poetry pervades the atmosphere at Espace Simone Veil, poetry as reinterpreted by artist and designer Jean-Marc Nigon; our visitors can seize these phrases and quotations, observe these marks and signs on the walls, these colours and symbols which act like bridges and bonds.

Espace Simone Veil

This space has a special significance. First and foremost in reference to Simone Veil, to her life, her work and her personality. She founded Ciarus in 1986, in her role as a Member in the European Parliament. She definitively linked her name and her values to our establishment, starting a new chapter in our story.


We have aimed to infuse this space with the spirit of a “family living room” and a “library”, to invite our visitors to read, reflect and “let go”. An informal space in which to spend time, a space in which the book occupies a central role and creates unexpected connections. Come in a group, or with the family or friends, to savour the essential: communication, respect, calm and tranquillity. Let go and have fun!


Banqueting in Espace Simone Veil

Ciarus offers a unique cultural experience and the first-class facilities of a renowned establishment in the centre of Strasbourg, in a district designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Espace Simone Veil was designed to deliver a rare welcome in a unique environment, shaped by modern furnishings, colours and lighting. The wall fresco acts as the centrepiece. Reflecting the literary spirit of this space. In a composition that is both rich and surprising.


The book has significant status in the town of Gutenberg and enables us to reconnect to the essential - reflection, calm and tranquillity. Espace Simone Veil provides an opportunity to prolong these exchanges, hosting events which are perfectly tailored to your venture, such as conferences, artist encounters, piano concerts and more. Find out more about our banqueting services, including the option of cocktails accompanied by a pianist.


Please contact us if you would like to hold your next event at Espace Simone Veil!



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