Our values

Build your own break

CIARUS is a unique place, covering 6,000 sq. m, where people from all walks of life come together and enjoy new experiences.
It is a safe, secure place where people can try new things. It is a genuine melting pot of generations, nationalities and cultures.
Here at Ciarus, we do things differently.

Bretzel Alsatian culinary speciality

A warm welcome and mutual respect

Our staff speak 3 languages H24. The centre has 8 beds in disabled rooms. Ciarus hosts 700 groups each year. The reception is open 24 hours a day.

We prepare 365 pork-free or vegetarian dishes on-site each year.
We have produced a 7-minute video guide to life in our community.
Osage Orange tree in the garden.

Kouglof plate Alsatian culinary speciality


More than 70 nationalities live side-by-side at Ciarus each year.
1,000 trip and excursion ideas at the tourist information point.
Dozens of specialities to explore in our restaurant.
Bicycle hire and car-sharing service available.

Couple of Alsatians


80 sq. m of wall space available for artists to exhibit their works.
300 m from our local artisan baker.
More than 10 employees in social integration and training.

Stork symbolic animal of Alsace


Ciarus is a non-profit association.
100% of our cleaning products are eco-certified.
€0 if you need a room for religious observance.
80% of our waste is recycled. 30% less energy consumption through the use of LED lighting.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg


104 disco nights and 104 pancake parties each year to make friends and meet new people. 101 shared dorm rooms, 295 beds.
6,000 sq. m of communal areas open to all guests.
100,000 people cross paths each year.
1 bar open to all guests, a games room, a table tennis table, music and a piano where people can share their talents.



7 Rue Finkmatt
F-67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 152 788