A historic setting in the heart of the Neustadt district

The CIARUS site, which has been a witness to the city's eventful history since 1895,
is nestled in the heart of Neustadt, a well-preserved historic district with a majestic heritage.».

This unique site was created by the SEMIS and the heritage of the YMCA, to create a place of openness towards Europe, for people of all backgrounds.
The project management for its construction was entrusted to the architects Jules Berninger and Gustave Krafft, two of the most active representatives of the local avant-garde style. The architectural approach adopted was based on symmetrical volumes with spaces conducive to exchange, a project dictated by strong humanist values.

A story that symbolises an era

From the citizen's lab to CIARUS

Since the end of the 19th century, 7 rue Finkmatt has come a long way. While the setting has changed, the project has retained the spirit and commitment of its innovators over the years, through wars, requisitions and all kinds of hazards. The creation of the CIARUS association in 1983 was the result of a unique and original partnership with the SEMIS, which owns the site. This cooperation illustrates the desire to move forward, to respond pragmatically to social transformations and to create new daily life. The collaboration has also made it possible to preserve the singularity of this space, which is open to people of all ages and origins, whether they come from all over the world or simply from the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Today, CIARUS, strengthened by this beautiful heritage, continues to rely on its founding values and to transmit them. Openness and hospitality are part of its DNA, as is the mixing of generations and cultures. These attributes make CIARUS a laboratory for experimentation in everything from citizenship and education to “living together”.

Un bâtiment iconique à l’élégance discrète

An iconic building
with understated elegance

Number 7 Finkmatt Street has been imposing its elegant silhouette for over two centuries. It immediately stands out for its imposing charisma and the rare character of historic buildings. Rare, firstly, because of the subtle combination of its rich heritage and modernity. Unique, secondly, because of its magnificent volumes and its architectural finishes which have stood the test of time.
Following its renovation in 2014, the interiors now display an assertive modernity that interacts with the understatement of the old stonework.

Over time, this large hybrid vessel has become a haven for sharing, sheltered from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sustainable values firmly in place

A diversity synonymous with awakening and richness

Because it wishes to define itself as a crossroads for international exchanges, CIARUS is designed to welcome a wide variety of people. This is why the members of the team pay particular attention to welcoming them. It is important to give one’s time, to listen to the wishes of one’s guests, but also to pay attention to good taste, flavours, comfort and conviviality.

Welcoming people also means knowing how to adapt to diversity and to the times by showing imagination and creativity. With an approach based on the social and solidarity economy, CIARUS relies on a team of employees who are committed to the quality of its services, in a spirit of ethics and sensitivity to the challenges of sustainable development.

Hospitality as an art form

A place of great emotional power, CIARUS and its deliciously old-fashioned charm take the visitor back to the great traditions of the art of entertaining. From the outset, our aim has been focused on meetings and exchanges. One wing of the building, facing the rue du Fossé des Treize, contained several meeting rooms for 10 to 200 people maximum, as well as a large venue dedicated to events. The wing of the building facing rue Finkmatt was, even at that time, used for accommodation.

More than two centuries later, visitors are welcomed in a majestic but unostentatious setting, through a revamped hotel concept. It is contextual, ethical, human and contemporary all at the same time, thanks to the talent of its dedicated employees.

A multiple and affordable offer

In its warm and friendly spaces, CIARUS invites you to connect with others. The spacious reception lobby sets the tone: here, everything is a pretext for the human experience, from the self-service restaurant to the rooms available for rent, not forgetting the seminar and conference rooms that can be reserved.

The exhibition areas invite you to wander around and exchange ideas on an exhibition of works of art or books that are freely available. Looking for relaxation and entertainment? CIARUS provides its customers with several freely accessible facilities, as well as relaxation areas with bars offering snacks and drinks. The venue would not be complete without its magnificent terrace, beautifully laid out and bordered by greenery.

A lively and authentic atmosphere in which customer service is our main concern. CIARUS combines the charm of the old, regional authenticity and relaxed modernity with a golden rule: welcome others as you would like to be welcomed.

CIARUS combines the charm of the old, regional authenticity and relaxed modernity with a golden rule: welcome others as you would like to be welcomed.

    You can contact us at +33 (0)3 88 152 788 or complete the form
    below and a member of the CIARUS team will call you back as soon as possible :

      You can contact us at +33 (0)3 88 152 788 or complete the form
      below and a member of the CIARUS team will call you back as soon as possible :